Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Top TV Kisses...My Faves!

I guess I'm a romantic because I couldn't stop adding to the list of my favorite couples and their smooches. Some are sweet, some are blackmailed, some are passionate, some are funny, some are unexpected, some are...complicated. Really, I'm going to let these kisses speak for themselves.

Do you have a favorite kiss in this group or from TV in general?

And, in no particular order of greatness...

Veronica Mars - Veronica & Logan. (sorry none of them were embedable)
(I think this is in my top five. I didn't even see it coming and it was awesome!)

Lost - Kate & Sawyer.

My So-Called Life - Angela & Jordan.

La Femme Nikita - Michael & Nikita. (Just about any kiss with Michael and Nikita is also top five.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy & Spike.

Castle - Castle & Beckett.(Holy crap did they do this one right! Top five!)

Torchwood - Jack & Ianto. (Oh, the kiss in Children of Earth!)

Roswell - Max & Liz.

The OC - Seth & Summer.

Silk Stalkings - Chris & Rita.

Friends - Chandler & Monica.

Dawsone' Creek - Pacey & Joey.

Alias - Sydney & Vaughn.

Gilmore Girls - Luke & Lorelai.

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